Sigma Mixer

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Sigma Mixer

Sigma mixers are deal heavy duty mixer which can be used in Explosive /Chemical as well as Food processing industry. The bowl is made of heavy steel plate making it a rugged heat proof unit, This is especially useful for bulky material and additional thinning prior to discharge. Tangential blades are supplied with differential speeds. Bow Is provided with Jacket for temperature control. Mixers can be designed for vacuum operations. Sanitary construction is provided or food and pharmaceutical procedures.

CAPACITY :- 3to 2000 Ls.


  • Sigma Mixer is a Batch type Mixer
  • Blades are made from sold steel depending on application.
  • Designed to obtain thorough mixing of high viscosity materials
  • Blades are machined to keep minimum equal gap between through walls and blades.
  • Shaft seal is provided by PTFE breaded gland rope to prevent leaking from blade ends.
  • Safety Guards and Gills are provided for maximum safety in sigma mixers