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Air Tray Dryer (ATD)

The basic working principle of this incredible machine is the continuous circulation of hot air.In the tray dryer, moisture is removed from the solids that are placed in the tray by forced convectional heating.The moist air is removal is conducted partially but in a simultaneous fashion.


  • Low speed design allowing for inherently gentle action on the product resulting in optimum particle granularity, low heat, low noise, minimal fineness and consistent, high quality end product can be used on heat sensitive products, high capacities, fully customizable to many different application and process stream Advantages as compared to other Milling Equipment.
  • The output of co mill is near to the size of sieve used approx. 80%-90%, whereas in multi mill it is 1/3 of the sieve used
  • The fineness generated are on a lower side as compare to other mills
  • Heat generation in co mill is comparatively very low as it works on forced pressure
  • Other mills have more of dusting as compared to co mill
  • Output of co mill is more than any other mills.