Air Jet Mill




Jet mill is widely used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food industry, Cosmetics industries for milling material below 25 microns and up to 1 micron or so. It is used for the Crystalline, Amorphous or Agglomerated products, Colour pigments, heat sensitive products etc. Hard materials milling such as Ceramics, glass etc.

Types of Feeding System

  • Manual Feeding System
  • Vibratory Feeding System
  • Control feeding or Volumatric feeding
  • VFD Controled Screw Type – Volumatric
  • VFD controlled feeling rate


Milling Chamber – Types

  • Milling Cube site 100MM
  • Multi Jet Air Jet Mill
  • Liners Can Be SS 316, SS 304, PUR (Vulkollan), Ceramic, titanium Nitride etc.
  • Linear & Sleave MOC
    • PTFE -> SS-316 -> PUR(Valkollen) -> Titanium
    • SS-316L -> SS-304 -> Ceramic ->Hastelloy  C-22

Bagfilter System

  • Pneumatic Bag Shaking Design
  • Reverse Pulse Design
  • Hepa Filter (Optional)

Control Operating & Instrument Panel

  • Flame Proof(FLP)
  • Non Flame Proof(Non-FLP)
  • Fully Automated with PLC Based
  • Plc Based
  • Electro Pneumatic
  1. Fully Automated with PLC Based System
  2. Fully Automated Timer Based System
  3. With 21 CFR Compliances 
  1. Atex Certified Compliance
  2. With SCADA Based System
  3. Manual Operated System


Model Name CFM Required Required Power (HP) Capacity (KG/HR)
PSI 4 55 40 1 – 3