Cases Study

Case study for Sudarshan Chemicals

Customer Challenge

Get the finest particle size D50 Below 0.7 Micron from a highly abrasive material without any change in appearance.

Solution Provided from Emco

4 numbers of Largest Air jet Mill in India with specialized Dual Jet Spiral technology to get the desired particle size. and 2 numbers of Plough Shear Mixers to have the homogenize material and also with the help of internal choppers it helps in reduction of initial particle size.

Problem Statement

  • Material to be micronized was highly abrasive and eroding SS316 very fast. Most of the coatings methods like PU and halar etc were failing and easily removed during micronisation process. Coating materials were also getting mixed with actual material and adding impurities in original material.
  • Particle Size was not being achieved.

The Solution we offered

  • Emco Engineering took up the challenge to solve and came up with solution which was not tried before. We invested in Tungsten Carbide coating  in microniser ring and that had solved erosion problem. Further we used Alumina Lining on liners in micronisation chamber, which was very hard surface and that had solvved problem of erosion. Further more, since erosion was not happening, material quality got maintained.
  • To achieve particle size, we gathered data on material composition and also process parameters to compute data analysis. We used fluid dynamics  and finite element analysis from relative field experts and tried multiple design modifications to achieve desired micron size. Modification were from chamber designs, air inlets, pressure variation etc.
All of the above exercises involved lot of time and resources to achieve desired results and once done customer was able to place large size machine order for commercial production.  Emco Engineering acted as solution partner along with customer to generate effective output.

Currently customer is utilising full capacity of large size machines and obtain required production.

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