Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

Agitated Nutche Filter Dryer ANFD

Agitated Nutche Filter Dryer

The filtering, washing and drying " Three in One" equipment can be made from SS304, SS316L, Ti, Hastelloy, PTFE lined or other materials. It can replace the filtering and drying equipments at the same time (such as: vacuum filter, pressure filter, Double-cone Drying machine and drying box...etc.). It completes the whole process of filtering, washing, drying, solid discharging in the same equipment. It is widely applied in the industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, agrochemical, food, etc.

Filter stage: the separation of filter cake and mother liquid. The thickness of filter cake can reach 500 mm.

Washing stage: further purification of filter cake, rinse and dehydration of mother liquid remained. Mix the lotion and the filter cake via up and down of agitator by layers to make the filter cake slurry finally, then the filter cake can get the full wash. Drying stage: Dehydrating and drying the filter cake. Agitator will scrape filter cake loose by layers while the sidewall; the bottom of filter plate and agitator will heat the filter cake at the same time. Moreover, The vacuum inside the equipment will accelerate the evaporating speed; the entered hot nitrogen will take away the damp and accelerate the speed of desiccation. The principle of the Paddle vacuum dryer is its operation through a body, shaft and blades which is fully heated to maximize heat exchange with its blades rotating very close to the wall at low speed for a continuous renewal of the product in direct exchange with the wall.

A.Stir through clockwise and anticlockwise rotation:

  • 1.The agitator shaft is driven by gearbox and motor. And inverter can adjust the rotating speed.
  • 2.The rotation, up and down of the agitator are driven by Hydraulic system and regulating valve controls the speed. Stir up and down. Up and down of the bottom is also driven by Hydraulic system. The pump can be controlled by hand or by electric or by pneumatic.

Main features:

  • Economical energy: Electrical engineering power is small.
  • CIP and SIP; sterile by steam (122℃)
  • Double-line 0-rings for the seal between bottom plate and vessel, no dead angle, “GMP” designs are suitable for sterilizing and cleaning, attaining an ideal sealing effect.
  • Reduce the labor strength of operators, and avoid the pollution of the product, meeting “GMP”

Request Product Specification

Product specification Capacity(m³ï¼‰ Filter area(㎡) Travel route of the mix blend(mm) Electrical motor power(KW
φ800 0.6 0.5 250 4
φ1000 1.2 0.8 300 5.5
φ1200 1.5 300 5.5
φ1400 2.2 1.5 400 7.5
φ1600 3 2 400 7.5
φ1800 3.5 2.5 400 11
φ1800 4 3 400 11